AIGA San Antonio is seeking passionate and excited individuals to serve on our Board of Directors!

Are you ready to drive the future of design in San Antonio?

The 2013-2015 term is an exciting time to get involved. You will lead AIGA San Antonio into its 5-year anniversary and be involved in the centennial year celebration of AIGA, the oldest professional design association in the country. (Did you know AIGA was founded in 1914?)

The Board of Directors is solely made up of passionate volunteers. Our chapter can only be as strong as the individuals who are involved—and with a committed and creative Board of Directors, we can really pull off some great things. You are already part of a growing network of designers that work together to increase design’s influence and to expand opportunities for designers. As a director of an AIGA chapter, you help lead this vision.

The Job

The Board of Directors meets in person, once a month, to strategize, plan and execute the events, communication and other initiatives of our chapter. They are the behind-the-scenes group of individuals who comes up with the ways to bring value to our members and provide great programming and resources to the San Antonio design community. There are 5 areas of focus of the chapter: Membership, Partnership, Communication, Programming, and Education. No matter where your interests lie, we can find a place for you and your passion.

The Perks

As a Director, you’ll also get free admission to majority of our events and are eligible to attend the AIGA national leadership retreat in May. The retreat brings board members from all 67 AIGA Chapters to one city each year to share ideas and chapter success stories. Serving on the Board of Directors is an exciting way to be hands on with the planning and strategic direction of our chapter. Aside from that, it’s a fun way to connect with other designers (locally and from other chapters), meet and spend time with the big-wig design celebs and other speakers that we invite to town, and make connections with members of other local organizations. Your time spent as a Director will hopefully leave you with new professional enrichment and a rewarding feeling knowing that you helped further the design community here in San Antonio.

Important Dates

  • April 26th (Extended to May 17th) – Last day to submit nomination
  • May 21st – Nomination slate will be emailed to membership for approval
  • May 25th – Annual Membership Party: 2013-2015 Board of Directors will be introduced
  • June 10th – First Director’s meeting for the 2013-2015 Board of Directors

The Specifics

All Director Responsibilities

Director positions are open to anyone, regardless of their career-level or experience. As long as you are able to meet the following requirements you are eligible to serve on the Board of Director. There are several positions open for nominations, each with specific responsibilities. However, all Directors must commit to:

  • Serving a two-year term
  • Be an AIGA member at the Sustaining Level (throughout the duration of your term)
  • Attend monthly Director meetings and local chapter events
  • Be an voice for AIGA SA and help spread the word about our events and projects
  • Be a leader on your respective teams
  • Be passionate and ambitious to move your team and chapter forward
Open Positions

The Secretary ensures the responsible management of the Chapter’s records. Responsibilities include:

  • recording and documenting chapter business at monthly board meetings
  • maintain accurate historical records of chapter documents,
  • keeping a record of board attendance at events and meetings

The Treasurer ensure the responsible management of the Chapter’s financial resources. Responsibilities include:

  • maintain financial accounts in good standing (bank accounts, PayPal)
  • manage and execute all chapter expenses,
  • maintain accurate summaries of income and expenses from all events.
Programming Director

The Programming Director and Team creates a calendar of events to stimulate, connect and inspire the creative community. Responsibilities include:

  • identify potential themes or topics and produce and maintain the annual calendar of events;
  • event planning and logistics;
  • coordinating with the Communications Team to promote the events
  • coordinating with the Partnership Team to secure necessary sponsorship for events
Membership Director

The Membership Director and Team aim to represent, build, and maintain a community of creative individuals within San Antonio. Responsibilities include:

  • review membership list and have knowledge of new, lapsed and renewed memberships
  • develop and implement member recruitment strategies (i.e. print campaigns, membership drives)
  • develop and implement member retention strategies (i.e. welcome packets, birthday cards, member gifts and incentives);
  • oversee membership table events and provide resources to attendees
Partnership Director

The Partnership Director and Team seeks to create opportunities for our chapter with businesses, organizations and local groups. Responsibilities include:

  • secure sponsorships for chapter events and initiatives
  • find opportunities with organizations and vendors to partner with AIGA San Antonio
  • act as host and accommodate vendors at events
Communications Director

The Communications Director and Team inform the creative community, generate chapter visibility and create industry resources. Responsibilities include:

  • maintains the following communication mediums: website, social networks, email
  • promote chapter events and news via different mediums
  • maintains the chapter email list and coordinates email blasts and chapter newsletters
  • maintains web tools for internal communications
Education Director

The Education Director and Team creates connections with local educational institutions, cultivating students and new professionals. Responsibilities include:

  • be a liason to local colleges/universities and coordinate with Faculty advisors and their Student Groups;
  • work with the Programming Team to develop student-centered events
  • develop strategies to grow and maintain student membership as well as maintaining memberships after graduation;

The Director-at-large positions are option for individuals who want to commit at the Director level, but are not quite sure in which area they best fit. Let us know your skills and interests and we will find a place for you and your passion. Specialties to consider:

  • Do you enjoy fundraising? writing/editing? event planning? community outreach projects?
  • Have you been on a non-profit board before? Can you bring experience to the table?
  • Do you have a specific skill or interest that would be useful to the chapter?
  • Do you have connections with vendors or city organizations that might be useful to the chapter?