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AIGA is the oldest and largest professional organization for design. It’s the place to go for community, inspiration and professional resources you won’t find anywhere else.

The big value of an AIGA membership is being a part of a global community of design leaders. All designers must be included in One AIGA—thousands of unique and individual talents, yet one influential voice for the profession.

Membership in AIGA means belonging to a national community of more than 22,000 dedicated colleagues, all working to advance design. In addition to local chapter and national benefits, membership in AIGA can mean new knowledge, leadership skills, personal connections and the opportunity to change your community for the better.

Your AIGA membership is critical to ensuring that your profession is strong, relevant and influential. By joining AIGA you’re making a difference in your community and making a personal investment to the future of design both nationally and locally. AIGA membership means empowering yourself to become a vital part of that future and become a stronger designer and citizen.

Connect with others who do what you do. Put yourself in the know. Help build a community. Take part in the national dialogue about design. Create social change. Make great friendships. Find great mentors.

From emerging to seasonal professionals, from those who focus on print to web, to those who make interactive applications to those who make teddy bears. AIGA is the largest professional association for design.



“I think the difference between what we see now and what we will see in 10 years is simply the world wide recognition of the power that design has.”
– Debbie Millman, Sterling Brands

“As a culture we are obviously facing many many issues and they are all solvable. As designers, we are in a unique position to actually be able to take a different point of view on many of those. Trying to do that alone in your kitchen is very fruitless. I think that is a real big benefit of AIGA that we are able to work together to help solve some of these issues like sustainability and diversity or the way our democracy works. As a group we are far more powerful than individuals.
– Sean Adams, AdamsMorioka