Outside of the Artboard with Doc Reed

Doc Reed is an illustrator and designer who loves Chuck Jones and Norman Rockwell, and is currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He loves to laugh and to draw and to make amazing things with amazing people. Doc’s goal is to craft everything from the local indie gig poster to national conferences with compelling visual communication and storytelling. Whether drawn, printed or designed, he does everything with love for the craft.

VP of Programming on the AIGA Charlotte board, Doc will share some insights from his 16-year career spanning art direction and illustration to managing on-set extras, the ever fabulous job of airbrushing plastic surgery ads, and working with clients like Engadget and New Line Cinema. By the end, he hopes to make you think about how we engage, encourage, and learn from the marvelous people that make up our community.

Check out his work at https://www.iamreedicus.com and https://dribbble.com/iamReedicus and join us to learn the triumphs and struggles of being a bearded ginger in the modern world.

When & Where
Tue, Sep 17, 2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CDT
The Impact Guild
708 West Summit
San Antonio, TX 78212