Set up your AIGA Member Behance Portfolio

AIGA members are invited to join the AIGA Member Portfolios Gallery—an exclusive network hosted by Behance—to gain broader exposure for their work, connect with like-minded designers, and be discovered more easily by potential clients and recruiters. Gain followers everywhere your work appears, and easily alert your followers when you publish new work. You’ll also be able to access statistics on your own portfolio.

The AIGA Member Portfolios Gallery gives you the ability to display your work on your member profile, on our chapter website (under portfolios),  post your work instantly to Facebook and Twitter, sync with Behance and have your work seen across

How to join the network

  1. Go to and enter your AIGA credentials.
  2. You will be prompted to create a Behance account or log in to your existing Behance account.
  3. You will start seeing your work in the AIGA gallery and on your member profile within a day.


Q: What happens to my portfolio if I don’t renew my AIGA membership?
If your membership has expired, your portfolio will no longer show up as part of the AIGA Member Portfolios Gallery, but it will remain on the Behance Network—without AIGA affiliation. When you reinstate your AIGA membership, you’ll be able to re-join the AIGA Member Portfolios Gallery in Behance so that you can enjoy the benefits of inclusion in this trusted and respected professional network.

Q: Is there a space to display my résumé?
Yes! This feature was added in November 2010. You can provide both a searchable web page and downloadable PDF version from your profile.

Q: Can I add a URL that links to other websites/projects I have done?
Yes, users can add URLs to their profiles in the Edit Profile setting. Another option is to add links and linked text within a project. To do this, simply add a TEXT module to your project and select the icon for inserting a web link from within the text editor.

Q: Can I organize the projects in my portfolio by groups?
While users can add specific tags and creative fields to each project that they publish in their portfolio, Behance doesn’t currently offer the ability to group projects by a specific group name.

Q: How do I get my work “featured”?
Featured projects are handpicked by the Behance curatorial team, based on a number of criteria and data from the network. Behance has a dedicated group of people who review every project published in the network every day to find the most innovative projects.

Q: I need help!
If you have difficulty setting up your portfolio, contact Behance for technical support.

By admin
Published November 27, 2012
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