Why Join AIGA?

Broaden your network of peers

Establish new connections and relationships. The membership is made up of some pretty amazing working professionals so you will have a lot of great people to listen to, to talk to, be inspired by, and learn from. 37% of our members are professionals working at studios, as freelancers, in-house, or running their own businesses.

Get your name out there and show off your work

Get your name out there with a custom member profile on aiga.org. Get your work featured on AIGA’s Behance network. And if you join at the Sustaining level, you can post content and share your point of view on aiga.org.

Get inspiration and creative fuel

Lectures, panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and parties organized by our local chapters offer an endless source of inspiration and creative fuel on every topic one can imagine. And if something is not being talked about, we want to know about it! There is also the three-day national conference each year, and the massive and incredible online Design Archives.

Develop professionally

In addition to local and national events, workshops and conferences, AIGA also offers its members a variety of online tutorials and seminars that focus on the practice and business of design. If our professionals join at the Sustaining level they can also get a discounted rate on the AIGA + Yale School of Management “Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders” course.

Find a new job or a new hire

Access to hundreds of opportunity listings on designjobs.aiga.org.

Make a positive impact

Professionals can participate in any or all of our programs that help the greater design community, like Design for Good, Mentoring, the Living Principles, Design Education forums, and Design for Democracy.

Save Money

Members pay less for local and national events, and competitions – and at certain level, get discounts on other things they need like Apple, MOO, Shutterstock and Wacom products, as well as online training and a variety of insurance packages.

Participate in the conversation

At the sustaining level and above, designers can vote on national issues. At the supporting level and above, designers are eligible to serve on your chapter’s board.

By admin
Published September 22, 2015
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